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Cobia Academy at Twist presented by Katsutoshi Suzuki of Open Blue™

It was a pleasure to see so many of our customers attending Cobia Academy at Twist on Monday. We had a chance to see (and taste!) various techniques of Cobia preparation presented by Corporate Chef Katsutoshi Suzuki of Open Blue™ – AWARD-WINNING Japanese Chef with over 20 years of culinary experience. 
Just to remind you we have Cobia on our products list starting this month. You can order this premium sashimi grade fish from T&S now!

You can find more pictures from the event on our facebook page!

Fishes of the Azores islands

Starting from February 2015 these new and rare fishes of the Azores islands are available to order from T&S once a week! Excellent sashimi quality, ideal for both sashimi and grilling.


Here are some pictures:

(Port. Eng. names) Alfonsino; Splendid Alfonsino
(Jap.) Kinmedai

035 Alfonsino Splendid Alfonsino Kinmedai

(Port. name) Rocaz
(Jap.) Kasago
(Eng.) Largescaled scorpionfish

038 Rocaz KASAGO Largescaled scorpionfish h

(Port. name) Enchareu
(Jap.) Shimaaji
(Eng.) Guelly Jack

043 Enchareu Shimaaji Guelly Jackd

(Port. name) Pargo
(Jap.) Madai
(Eng.) Red bream

050Pargo Red bream d

(Port. name) Veja
(Jap) Budai
(Eng.) Parrot fish
060 Veja budai parrot fish

(Port. name) Bagre
(Jap.) Kasago
(Eng.) Offshore rockfish

077 Bagre kasagooffshore rockfish


084 Barracudad
(Port. name) Moreia;
(Jap.) Utsubo
(Eng.) Mediterranean moray

001 Moreia utsubo Mediterranean morayd

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Brussels Seafood Exhibition

Brussels logosWe will be exhibiting in Brussels Seafood Exhibition from the 6th of May till the 8th of May.  It is the biggest Seafood Exhibition in the world, gathering all the major seafood players from all around the world.  We are at Hall 11-2621D with Japan Pavilion.  Please come and visit us!


6 – 8 May 2014
Brussels, Belgium

Tuesday, 6 May 10:00 – 18:00
Wednesday, 7 May 10:00 – 18:00
Thursday, 8 May 10:00 – 16:00


SAI Global hygiene certificate

SAI Global Certificate 2013

SAI Global Certificate 2013

Alongside our expertise in supplying high quality fresh and frozen fish products our team are dedicated to very high standards of hygiene. We know its important to our customers and in acknowledgement of our hard work we have passed the hygiene management standard, SAI Global (formally known as EFSIS).

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