Fishes of the Azores islands

Starting from February 2015 these new and rare fishes of the Azores islands are available to order from T&S once a week! Excellent sashimi quality, ideal for both sashimi and grilling.


Here are some pictures:

(Port. Eng. names) Alfonsino; Splendid Alfonsino
(Jap.) Kinmedai

035 Alfonsino Splendid Alfonsino Kinmedai

(Port. name) Rocaz
(Jap.) Kasago
(Eng.) Largescaled scorpionfish

038 Rocaz KASAGO Largescaled scorpionfish h

(Port. name) Enchareu
(Jap.) Shimaaji
(Eng.) Guelly Jack

043 Enchareu Shimaaji Guelly Jackd

(Port. name) Pargo
(Jap.) Madai
(Eng.) Red bream

050Pargo Red bream d

(Port. name) Veja
(Jap) Budai
(Eng.) Parrot fish
060 Veja budai parrot fish

(Port. name) Bagre
(Jap.) Kasago
(Eng.) Offshore rockfish

077 Bagre kasagooffshore rockfish


084 Barracudad
(Port. name) Moreia;
(Jap.) Utsubo
(Eng.) Mediterranean moray

001 Moreia utsubo Mediterranean morayd

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