Fresh high quality fish from around the world delivered to your door

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We work hard to deliver the freshest high quality fish to the london restaurant trade

About us

We pride ourselves in supplying the freshest fish and quality ingredients from around the world. Our customers demand first class products and we thrive in the challenge of providing only the best.

Our expert buyers travel around the globe to procure our tuna and other seafood products directly from the fishing ports of the world’s oceans. Sustainability of fishing stocks is important to us as our Japanese roots have deeply engraved into our everyday lives a respect for the sea and the fish that come from it. With this in mind we always follow the strict control of fishing quotas and import regulations. Most importantly, our customers will always know where the product has come from, whether it be from the edge of the Pacific Ocean or from local waters off the Cornish coast.

At our processing factory in north London our quality products are quickly processed, packed and delivered with our customers schedules in mind. We handle a wide range of fish and ingredients and are happy to supply any size of order. Our aim is to provide high quality fish from around the world and deliver it to your door.

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